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Industrial gearboxes are mechanical devices used in various industries to transmit power and torque from a driving source, such as an electric motor, to different components of machinery and equipment. These gearboxes play a crucial role in changing the speed, direction, and force of motion, making them important components in a wide range of applications, from manufacturing and mining to agriculture and transportation.

Gearboxes consist of a set of gears, each with a unique configuration and size, that work together to efficiently transfer rotational energy. The primary functions of industrial gearboxes are:

-Speed Reduction: One of the fundamental purposes of a gearbox is to change the speed of rotation. In many cases, the input shaft (connected to the power source) spins at a high speed, while the output shaft (linked to the machinery) requires a slower speed. Gearboxes achieve this by utilizing gear pairs with different numbers of teeth, altering the ratio between input and output speeds.

  • manufacturer: NRW (Germany), PGR (Turkey), Hydromec (Italy), ST Transmissions (China), Drive Experts (Austria), Tramec (Italy), Yilmaz (Turkey)
  • model: helical, helical bevel, parallel shaft mounted, planetary, worm, cycloidal, shaft mounted, industrial, hypoid

-Torque Amplification: Gearboxes can also magnify torque. When high torque is required to drive heavy loads or overcome resistance, gearboxes with appropriate gear ratios can provide the necessary force.

The choice of gearbox depends on factors such as the output speed, service factor, specific industrial application, space constraints, torque requirements, efficiency considerations. Different gearboxes are selected to meet the unique needs of various industries and machinery.

We offer gearboxes from such brands as: NRW, PGR, Hydromec, ST Transmissions, Drive Expert, Tramec, Yilmaz.

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  • max torque: 20.000 Nm in stock, other- by order
  • shaft diameter: 14-100mm in stock, other- by order
  • casing material: cast iron, aluminum
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