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NRW parallel shaft mounted gearbox D353

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Code: NRW D353
Additional description

Different input options may be provided (coupled motor, IEC, PAM, input shaft, servo motor, etc.).

Different output options are available (solid shaft, hollow shaft, shrink disc etc.).

Different mounting accessories are available (with casing, B5 flange, B14 flange, output flange, rubber buffer etc.).

  • manufacturer: NRW
  • model: D352
  • shaft diameter: 35mm
  • casing material: cast iron
  • stage count: 3 stages

These gearboxes we manufacture on site: housings, shafts, bearings, and gears are kept separately and are assembled according to the customer's order. This means that you can receive a compleate gearbox within one working day and exactly as needed. It also means that we can offer spare parts and repairs for our gearboxes.

For specific products, inquire by filling out the "ASK A QUESTION" form!

  • nominal torque: 600 Nm
  • ratio: 81,25-267,38
  • frame size: 63-90
  • maximal power: 0,34-1,13 kW (4P)
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