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Helical gearboxes

Cylindrical gearboxes are manufactured with an output shaft to transmit power from the input shaft to the output shaft, while changing the rotational motion direction, speed and torque. These gearboxes utilize pairs of cylindrical helical gears to facilitate power transmission. This design helps reduce noise and vibration, making cylindrical gearboxes favored in equipment where quiet and smooth operation is crucial. The contact between gear teeth occurs gradually, providing improved load distribution capabilities and a longer service life for the gears. Gearbox housings can be made from various materials, including cast iron and aluminum, to meet specific operational requirements, such as resistance to corrosion or extreme temperatures. Cylindrical gearboxes are used in various industries, including manufacturing, woodworking, conveyors, mixers, grinders, and many other machines. This type of gearbox is the second most popular after worm gearboxes.


PGR (Turkey) exports for more than 80 countries and brought PGR GmbH into service in 2014 in Ahlen, Germany in order to increase their share in European Market. Factory with production area for 5.800 m2 delivers products to customers in Europe by means of experienced and professional employees swiftly and provides aftermarket support in-place.

Hydro-Mec (Italy) started in 1983 producing speed reducers and specialized in high quality speed variators hydraulic components. Today they manufacture speed reducers, coaxial, in aluminum and cast iron, shaft mounted, worm gearboxes, square worm gearboxes, customized speed gear reducers, single stage gearboxes etc... All the products and parts are made in Europe, using the latest technology both in design and production.

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