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No modern production can be imagined without the main working unit - an electric motor. This equipment is ubiquitous: in ventilation systems, conveyor lines, the food industry, raw material processing, woodworking enterprises, and many others. The biggest share of electric motors in industry consists of asynchronous induction motors. They are characterized by ease of control, reliability, and durability due to their simple construction - only the stator is connected to the power source. The rotor, in turn, has no direct connection to the network or any switching components. This is what makes this type of motors very robust and long-lasting.

In addition to induction motors, there are many other types used in industry, such as servo motors, permanent magnet motors, spindle motors, and so on. We work with brands that have established themselves as manufacturers of high-quality products tested over time - Moll-Motor, ELK Motors, WEG, WAT, Seimec, OMB, SIEMENS, Yaskawa etc.

  • manufacturer: Moll-Motor (Austria), ELK Motors (Turkey), Drive Experts (Austria), WEG (Brasil), WAT (Turkey), Seimec (Italy), OMB (Italy), SIEMENS (Germany), Yaskawa (Japan)

Energy efficiency plays an increasingly important role in modern manufacturing. Using modern technologies and scientific advancements in motor manufacturing, you can be assured of the energy efficiency of our motors - efficiency classes are available up to IE5+. By using a higher-class energy-efficient electric motor, more useful work is performed with the same or lower electricity costs. A correctly selected motor can pay for its buying costs within the first two years of active operation. This effect is especially noticeable when replacing a large number of motors with more efficient ones.

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  • model: standard asynchronous, explosion-proof, with brake, two-speed, vibromotors, low center electric motors
  • power range: 0,06- 2500 kW
  • frame size: 56-400
  • efficiency class: IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4
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