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At Energostar, we provide a comprehensive range of control and signaling devices from Italian company Lovato. Our product lineup is designed to enhance functionality, safety, and efficiency in various applications. Here’s few of the positions what we offer:

- Pushbutton Actuators: These devices are essential for initiating control actions in machinery. Our pushbutton actuators are designed for durability and responsiveness, suitable for rigorous industrial environments.

- Selector Switch Actuators: Ideal for control operations that require multiple positions, our selector switch actuators offer precision and reliability. They are engineered to provide clear positional feedback and are easy to operate.

- Pilot Lights: Ensure clear status indication in your systems with our pilot lights. Available in various colors and sizes, they are bright, long-lasting, and ideal for visual signaling in automation processes.

- Joysticks: For precise manual control in applications such as crane operation or vehicle control, our joysticks provide smooth and intuitive operation. They are designed for ergonomic comfort and accurate response.

  • manufacturer: Lovato

- Potentiometers: These components are perfect for adjusting electrical resistance in a circuit. Our potentiometers are versatile and reliable, providing precise control for a variety of industrial applications.

- Enclosures: Protect your control and signaling devices with our robust enclosures. Designed to shield against environmental factors and mechanical impacts, they are available in various materials and sizes to suit your specific needs.

Our products are chosen for their quality, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. We are committed to providing solutions that enhance the safety and efficiency of your industrial automation systems.


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