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We use VIPA PLC controllers from company Yaskawa. Designed as a stand-alone PLC, the MICRO CPU stands out because of its modern design, compact size, high performance and high channel density.

With a width of fewer than 72 millimeters, the MICRO PLC is up to 50% smaller than typical MICRO controllers, offering new solutions and possibilities in regards to performance and space requirements.

Based on the SPEED7 technology for highest clock rates and fast program processing, it makes fast processing possible, e.g. for precise positioning and diverse control tasks. With the CPU performance of a large CPU, the MICRO PLC is the fastest MICRO controller on the market.

An additional plus factor is the high channel density of the MICRO. With 30 integrated digital and analog I/O channels on board, it offers multifarious usage options as a stand-alone CPU too and can be expanded with up to eight modules.

The connection plugs of the MICRO are individually detachable and therefore suitable for pre-wiring. With the convenient push-in technology they can be mounted and replaced quickly and easily, and without tools.

  • manufacturer: VIPA

The allocation of the I/O display LEDs directly on the appropriate plug connection allows the user an easy and clear allocation of the channel status even at such a high channel density.

With the active 2-port-switch for online access, programming, and communication, the functional range can easily be extended with further planned features via a firmware update.

In addition to standard Ethernet protocols such as Modbus TCP or S7 communication, the MICRO also supports PROFINET.

The MICRO PLC can be used as a high-performance, small or microcontroller in both serial and special machine construction as well as central or decentralized control in the field of plant construction.

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