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We use encoders produced by the Belgian company BEGE because of their revolutionary design.

The BEGE MIG encoder combines the best of both worlds. The encoder is compact because it is built in as a flange between the electric motor and gearbox. And it also offers very high precision. While similar encoders typically run up to 50 pulses, the BEGE MIG encoder runs up to 2,048 pulses.

What makes the BEGE MIG® encoder innovative is the use of a flange in combination with a synthetic ring magnet. An encoder usually has a ferrite ring magnet, a ceramic material that is brittle and therefore fragile. This encoder is easy to mount and thanks to its shock resistance, it doesn’t break during installation or during the process.

  • manufacturer: BEGE

Features & benefits:

- Magnetic rotary encoder

- Extremely high signal quality and high-quality processing

- Fits on every IEC-standard electric motor

- Very stable contactless signal measurement

- Completely protected against dirt, liquid and corrosion (IP67)

- Adds a maximum of 15mm to the total length


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