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These components play a crucial role in making machines, production lines, and other systems operate automatically, without the need for constant human intervention.

These components are integral in creating systems that can adjust operations based on changing conditions, process large amounts of data for decision making, and perform repetitive or complex tasks that might be impractical or unsafe for humans.

We have chosen these products not only for sale, but also for use in our automation projects, so we know how these products work in real life.

The main suppliers that SIA Energostar works with are the Italian manufacturer Lovato, with over 100 years of quality and tradition, and Yaskawa/VIPA, whose equipment is widely recognized among machine builders and makers of high-precision, complex systems. Among the components available in our warehouse, the following can be highlighted:

  • manufacturer: Lovato (Italy), VIPA (Japan), Klemsan (Turkey), IMET (Italy), BEGE (Netherlands)

Motor control and protection:

Motor circuit breakers;

Motor protection relays;

Soft start devices;

Electromagnetic starters;

Control and signaling:

Buttons, switches, LEDs, emergency stop button, etc.;

Signaling and indication stations;

Safety circuit control relays;

Cam switches;

Power distribution and protection:

Load disconnect switches;

Circuit breakers;


Power supplies;

General-purpose relays;

Programmable relays (smart relays);

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC);

Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI);

Input/Output signal and data stations;

Distribution cabinets:

Plastic wall-mounted cabinets.

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  • applications: motor control and protection, control and signaling, power distribution and protection, automation, distribution cabinets
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