• Ražotājs: SEIMEC
  • Jauda: 5 kW
  • Apgr./min.: 1500 rpm
  • Izmērs: 80
  • Svars: 44.00
  • Artikuls: MS-HPE31
Reitings: 0.0

Preces apraksts

Asynchronous three-phase flat extruded motor with cage rotor, totally enclosed, externally ventilated (IC 411 cooling system), also available with d.c. safety brake

MOTEC's three phase square type motors series HPE are particularly suitable for use on cutting, drilling and milling machines.
Compared to the IEC construction, the frame shape built in a light aluminium alloy expands the motor's work envelope and machining precision with work tool size being equal. Lower inertia - also vis-à-vis brushless motors - allows better starting performances.
The extended bearings and output shaft provide for rigidity and reliability. The IM B34 construction shape is suitable for both foot and flange mounting. Flanges can also be used for mounting protections or casings.
The terminal box can be located on either side of the motor in frontal position as well as next to the fan cover.

HPE: asynchronous three-phase motor
HPEM: asynchronous single-phase motor
HPEV: asynchronous three-phase motor with d.c. safety brake
HPEVM: asynchronous single-phase motor with d.c. safety brake


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